MAXIM VAGA is a New Blues man, Soul Pop pianist and songwriter - born and bred on the streets of Berlin at the end of the Cold War.

MAXIM VAGA eludes the stereotype - it’s as if he himself is still on the run, rolling the rustiest boxcar on a long locomotive packed with only his beat down pianoforte passing between time and place, without an overpowering saccharine nostalgia - and that is precisely what makes his sound so seductive.

MAXIM VAGA’s voice evokes the ghostly shanties of barge-haulers of the old East, rather than the tired chain-gang repertoire of the Deep South.

His youthful face belies the profoundest mysteries that his rasping, poignant vocal hints at: the timbre reminiscent of Peter Green, and together with his gift for enigmatic, lyrical double-dealing, he harnesses the power of great story-tellers like Poe, Kafka, Orson Welles and Knut Hamsun.

And there is a Sisyphean passion at its source, driving his voice through each song, set and boozy rain-soaked tour without ever hinting at despair or ruin, as if coming from some stranger, alien spirit, producing such an entrancing effect on audiences as to be worthy of comparisons with the sober, growling, juvenile Jim Morrison at the Whiskey A Go Go.

There is in MAXIM VAGA a kind of eternal summer that is palpable, still dripping from audiences of all the shindigs, diners and dive bars across Europe painted crimson by his sound.

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